How To Overcome Your Biases

My Path To Leftism

Sometimes we have our biases unintentionally, based on the propaganda we grew up with. This is mostly the fault of the society that embraces such various ills as racism, national bigotry, and phobias related to be LGBT. This is an essay on how to overcome your own biases, if you have them and don’t quite understand how it is they developed into the person you are now.


When we are born into the world, we are largely dependent on the people that have reared us into our adult years. Some us are born into minority groups, while the rest of us are lucky to be born in mostly middle class families, until the middle class started being drastically reduced. If you notice biases you have, despite having no reason or source for this hate, or even if you do, realize that there is a way out of it. But you must choose to find it.

In high school, before I realized I was trans, I had issues related to people whom I perceived as feminine or effeminate. Internalized toxic masculinity, although not in the way that you might think. In my case it was more this vague unrealized idea that I wasn’t actually male, and how they distorted my perceptions of the world around me. It’s something we all experience before we go to the left. I am of the view that Leftists are made, not born.

I had known various girls: one was Latino, one was French, the other was a blond with glasses. I had these internalized misgivings about them, mostly do to some vague negative experience I’ve had with them. In the case of the later most one, she treated me as if I was one of the girls--in the most passive aggressive way possible, using a male best friend I had as a proxy. The other suffered from the issues of being an immigrant family from different parts of Europe--specifically Spain and France.

There are ways you can overcome the social propaganda spoon fed to you. For me this was learning the language of my enemies, because eventually you’ll figure out many of the issues you face as a bigoted version stem from lack of understanding about people’s issues. When I had come out as a trans person, it became immediately apparent the struggles feminine and effeminate people face.

In short, you come overcome. But it will take effort on your end. It wont be easy, but you’ll find friends in surprising places if you open up your mind, and analyze the source of your own feelings. For me, I reached rock bottom. But you don’t have to do this.


For me I had issues about damsels in distresses from watching to many bad fantasy movies, temporarily dulled by switching over to consuming science fiction. But the issue of wanting those I hated to have their heads chopped off medieval style eventually escalated to full on blood lust. I had also isolated myself, because deep down it was mostly a thing of self-hate. But I also resented faux femininity that was advertised in movies produced in Hollywood.

With damsels in distresses, most of the hate was me perceiving women in fantasy to largely be caricatures. This went especially for characters like Zelda and Princess Peach. But one of the worst movies I experienced such fake femininity was the Godzilla Clone remake of Pulgasari. Interestingly, it turns out Julia was actually a “Sex-Change By Adaptation” character, and in the original the guy they were basing her off was was a peasant dude. The only thing they kept was the dragon like thing eating metal off weapons and such.

In science fiction, my solace was in Cyberpunk fiction, where I came to eventually embrace other points of views and ideas about society. In this path, I eventually met various people along the way. One guy was obviously a right winger, but other people helped me comes to terms with being trans. This was eventually the death knell of my own biases, until I was kidnapped about a year ago. But the issues with French and Spanish people were not yet resolved.

I hated them because I percieved them as being the epitome of ultra femininity. I also didn’t like how France was one of the worst countries in Europe to maintain capital punishment into the 20th century in First World Countries. Seconded only by the tyranny that was the capitalist empire of the United States. A lot of my blood lust was focused in this direction, when I wrote the novella Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun. This can be found at this link:


Long story short, you have to realized that you’re the source of most of this hatred, and not the world in which you despise. Perhaps this hate is because you see something wrong with capitalism, but get mislead and follow the path of nationalists beasts and sociopaths. For me,, this was UFOs.


It may be difficult to overcome these preconceived biases. It absolutely was difficult for me at first. But it was the only then they kept me from completely embracing the left hand path. Eventually I took the compass, and after introspection, realized that was actually more left leaning than I realized. You can find the link to my political compass below:


But a lot of people get sucked into the alt-right, because they had not yet built up the resistance to malevolent impulses and dark sexual desires. For me, once I went left, there was no turning back. It was easy enough to reject various online chatroom that were trying to suck me into the right wing, and realizing I should only trust my own judgment.

Eventually I came love Latin and French music, and various aspects of their culture. There were various mental blocks I had because of associations with certain girls that had hurt me in the past. The ironic thing is such girls are likely still stuck under the idea that capitalism works. It’s easy to just accept society as it is. But to me society is so broken, that simply fixing capitalism isn’t the way to ultimately end need and suffering.

You can also find this change in yourself, but sometimes this takes time. Take as long a time as you need to. Real friends can wait. You might not even fully embrace all views of the left. I certainly did not initially. But when you look further into things like mutualism and syndicalism, it becomes quickly apparent that there are alternatives to capitalism.

You can do this, you just need to find it.

Friends will wait on the other side.