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Learn Hafestra

Wa, Es, Sonwa, and Sont

By LWFlouisaSeptember 16, 2019Regular Blog

Learn Hafestra: Introduce yourself.

By LWFlouisaSeptember 3, 2019Regular Blog

As You Know, I'm Developing A Conlang

By LWFlouisaAugust 27, 2019Regular Blog

Leftism Is Not Privacy Violations

By LWFlouisaAugust 7, 2019Regular Blog

Structureless Tyranny And Mastodon

By LWFlouisaJuly 19, 2019Regular Blog

How To Overcome Your Biases

My Path To Leftism

By LWFlouisaJuly 18, 2019Regular Blog

Robot Rights And Robosexuality

By LWFlouisaJuly 15, 2019Regular Blog

Why I Find Youtube Left A Waste Of Time

Or why simply being all talk does not help our cause.

By LWFlouisaJuly 12, 2019Regular Blog