Making the Chrysalis

A solitary infancy

I feel as though I'm a single solitary spore. I have no mycellium, with a plant friend, no roots. I know that a mushroom is not my final form, I know I must evolve become part of a complex clump of eukaryotes in order to self actualize into the solarpunk of my dreams. I have committed to the transformation, my life has rotated, instead of looking inward, healing my wounds, I'm looking outwards floating through the air wondering where I, the spore should land. Somehow in this inter-dimensional existence, I know a plant who can come with me, maybe one day should I become part of a healthy organism they will join me, for now they're a plant, but restless and with shallow roots.

What is this creature I want to become a part of? It's not mandatory to be platonic, but its a way to form symbiotic lifestyles in a larger platonic group of people. People who aren't related by blood or creed, but by ethos and a shared vision for the future. One where we can survive and thrive as free human beings.

For now I'm a spore, I'm covering the brand labels in my home. I'm slowly shifting my waste, a home for me must be a home for plants, and so I must adapt my space to suit us both, I plot and I plan plots. Next year I touch down and land. Could be for the short term, could be for the long term. Everything I have must move with me on my spore. I don't own much. The furniture is small and light. The weight is from the books. I barely have clothes. I am a cyborg, my new carapace must suit the semi nomadic existence of the next two years. I must prepare to touch down and set roots. I need to learn how to form symbiosis with others, to transform out of strangers, as a solarpunk.

Are you floating along as well, as you transforming yourself, do you see it in the future, the point where you'll need other people to cooperate with to live the existence you seek to create? I see it, right over there. My body is broken down, rusty and injured. Some parts must be regenerated, regrown and recalibrated in order to handle the rigors of symbiosis.

I will have to transform, what kind of normals do I want. PREDATORS ah I know these snakes, These Either Ors. They live off of the difference, they feast on the lost joy of others. Vampires. How do we kill them? Who's planting the garlic? I've noticed they enjoy the particular taste of my blood. They like rainbow blood, monsters that they are.

I'm communicating with you telepathically, in my imagination into the future. Do you here me over there in the now? Call back to me into your future, tell me what you see, we can make a map together.