Interdimensional Politics

not intersections but dimensions

Interdimensional seems more accurate to me than intersectional.

Interdimensional allows people to compare several paradigms simultaneously and to admit to ourselves that past a few dimensions, it may be too much for a privileged person to hold in their mind at once.

How we view diversity begins to take on a new level of understanding. In many ways, we are living in different dimensions.

To ask me to compare the sexism I face from the racism I face is like asking me to compare going back in time for five minutes with moving up a few floors. They are both dimensions of my experience and they influence each other without defining one another.

Past 4 dimensions, the immediately intuitive understanding now requires more thought, how many dimensions of identity does it take until we begin to lose touch with one another? In what ways are we sharing the space and in what way and we world's apart?

Diversity in leadership begins to take on a whole new light when you realize we need leaders that occupy space across dimensions to even hope to understand the realities of our comrades lives and account for them in our organizing.

It's not wrong to say that a cishet white rich woman and a cishet white rich man may occupy different dimensions of gender, most of their reality occupies the same space. That doesn't in any way diminish the weight of sexism and how far it catapults your life in another direction, but in no way does that grant her insight into the life of black queer working class trans person. Diversity is not binary.

It's important to acknowledge the limitations of our experience beyond mere two dimensional intersections because we are living in different dimensions simultaneously across identities.

I wish I could cease to exist on some of these planes of existence. That I could wipe them from existence entirely.

I wonder how that sounds to someone who enjoys their place on that plane. Would they not feel attacked on a deep level? Even erased?

Maybe, and that won't stop me, but it does allow me to understand my enemies better.