"The Replacements" - Hibernal

Post-Rock meets SciFi

If "Bladerunner" is your thing (the original movie), then Hibernal's "Replacements" may just be what you are looking for. Coming out of Brisbane, Australia, Hibernal is a project driven my Mark Healy, already an established author with some musical inclinations.

The music is basic and as post-rock as it can get. I mean, you are going to be able to chill to this stuff and totally zone out into the story. Something that I would recommend for all listeners: just put the album on and let all other concerns drift away as full immersion takes effect.

The story has some twists and jumps in it, and this is where Mark Healy's story-telling skills come into full effect. The blend of music and character-focused dialogue and monologue made this album an entirely new experience to me. After mutliple listenings, I think there is greater depth to the music than the story, but the words of the characters form an integral part of the experience. Without either of them, the whole would be much less than what it is.

This is a great album and after a lot of searching, I have found none that surpass it for narrative strength and sheer musical quality combined. I love this album as I love a great deal of Mark Healy's work.