Cyberpunk Regained

A brief intro into a personal encounter with a genre

I am a child of the 1980's. I missed the punk thing by a good decade or two. What I call "punk", I am sure Rancid and the Sex Pistols would think of as boy-band wannabes. I missed the New Wave thing. Mi-Sex ("Computer Games") and Flock of Seagulls ("I Ran" and very weird hair styles) were the only ones to register with me on my radar. They came and they vanished. Cyberpunk took me a lot longer to embrace and move into.

Scandroid, AKA Klayton, possibly a dude much younger than me, re-introduced cyberpunk to me with all of its blissful rhythms and warps and all of its dark concerns and worries. I still have not really worked out what all the Nippon-centric crap is with cyberpunk music, (check out "Neo-Tokyo" for a taste), but there is a lot that is still relevant to our time and era. While Scandroid produces a music that I do not recall from the early 1980's, he and others go a long way to recapture the hope of a future utopia and dream that never came about.

I am a cyberpunk. Not because I am a radical, but because I am concerned with similar things and issues.