The description of PingvenKnabo52 (My Youtube channel)

I am hosting it here, because of Youtube's character limit.

My Backstory: I am actually the resurrected version of a channel named MahaerHD. That channel was taken down for uploading Muzzy in Gondoland videos. I was angry at that takedown, since it was not done by the owners of Muzzy (BBC). So I decided to create a new channel under a different name. Many of the videos on MahaerHD will be reuploaded to this channel. Also, all new videos made by myself will be uploaded here. I hope we will still have a good time together! :)

Some questions you may have about me:

Q: Do you still upload memes, Youtube Poops, and ocassionally other kinds of videos?

A: Of course! :D

Q: What does your name mean?

A: It means "Penguin Boy" in Esperanto. Why? Because I like Esperanto and penguins.

Q: What will you do with videos that do little to no modification to copyrighted content?

A: I will just upload them to PeerTube, and I will post a Youtube video advertising the video (with a link in the description, of course!).

Q: Which languages will your videos be in?

A: Mostly English. And Esperanto, once I get good enough at it.

Q: Where is your profile picture from?

A: Don't worry, it's in the public domain.

I may consider changing my name to "PingvenoAmanto52" (amanto=lover) later.