Year 38

Writings from the Chateaugay Collective

So this post will feature my feeble attempt at SolarPunk fictionalization of the world as I know it today having taken anarchist directions I personally find plausible. It's currently thirty eight years after the revolution. In perspective, I would have died about two decades prior.

ENTRY 19 Jan 2019

To: hypatiaofalexandria@eben.syn
From: tindertwigs@chateaugay.col
Wed 10 Jul 38

Hey Nattie,
It’s sure been hot lately. I’ve been on the root cellar detail for a week and a half – sweat and dirt! We’ll be ready to install the roof on Monday and it will FINALLY start looking like more than a hole in the hillside. Then we’ll have over 5000 sq ft to put up root crops – enough storage for us, Churubusco and our mid-winter shipments to Burlington Teaching Hospital. Zook’s been worried that I’ve been putting too much time in on the project but it’s only 20hrs a week and it’s not like I’m over-staffing. There aren’t many large below grade projects around and I really want to learn this stuff. Not as if I’m a Suckup – not sure what that means but I heard one of the gramps use it and it has something to do with working too much or something.

How are Bob and Pat doing? Did they wind up shacking like you thought? They’re both so funny and I can’t wait to hang out with them again at HarvestDays. Speaking of Harvest, remember how I wanted to work more with large motors? Raillnk has voted to take me on for a year starting in November at the shops in Buffalo so that’s great news for me – don’t cry too much haha! I’ll be back to visit every couple of months so you better behave. They plan on finally electrifying the lines north of Watertown next year and then you’ll start seeing the big Lectros heading through to Montreal. Those last couple nasty old diesels are just about ready to spla where they sit.

The conservancy is working on some new sounds from the mid 20th century BAE. They’re calling it Skah or Schka or something. It’s so fast and jumpy. It sounds silly and I think it’s hard to listen or dance to but they say it was a big thing for the anarchists back then. Could use some fiddle if you ask me.

Somethings been getting at the chickens lately – probably a weasel from the look of the kills. They’re so wasteful. I’ve just about given up on proofing the coup. Somehow they keep getting in. I don’t want to trap them but it’s coming down to that I think. Well I gotta run to play practice now so I better send. We’re doing The Word for World is Forest and we’ve got every little kid in the area playing the Athsheans – these little green hairy folks from another planet - and it’s hard to keep them focused but they really like it so it’s fine.


PS: I’ve got a bunch of new vidz to pass you when you get here – they’re too long for the network to accept.