#2 - how to help?

how green is the fediverse?

the open research project "how green is the fediverse?" we started last days will need a lot of time - there is still a lot of work to do. while we are searching for a solution how to automatize the research process, we have to collect all the data by ourself and there are thousands of instances and servers to check wether they use renewable energy or not.

HOW TO HELP? if you are into scripts, please let us know how to automatize the research process. maybe a script that is checking domains with the result which pysical server is in use.

if you have the time and want to help us with the tiny-step-process there is a simple way to work with us on the open list:

STEP 1: first there is the need of an overview about the whole fediverse: the most instances are listed on websides like:

  • https://fediverse.network/
  • https://the-federation.info/

we used the last one as a source and copied it to our list at:

  • https://lite.framacalc.org/greenfediverse-instances

if you know a better source for a more complete list, please let us know!

Write at:

if you are a admin and you are not listed yet, please fill in your instance by yourself.

STEP 2: the next step is to check a single instance at a "whois" webside that tells us where an instance is physically hosted. we last used:

  • https://whois.domaintools.com/

but there are much more services we can use. TIP: some are limited, maybe they will tell you that you reached your limit of requests. a solution could be the TOR-Browser to handle this problem, because of changing IP-adresses. ;)

STEP 3: the result that we now see is the server where the instance is running on, in most cases we will get the name of the host - company. Please use our open list and fill in under: “Result – Server“

STEP 4: then we can start the real research process with a search-engine or a metacrawler-search-engine like:

  • https://metager.de/

or others like:

  • https://www.startpage.com/
  • https://searx.me/

you are free to choose by yourself. while the search-process which is sometimes a real detective-work-like-process we can search with: [the company name + renewable energy]. in most cases we will get further information. Save the webside-adresses at the list under: “Information about renewable energy“ so everyone can see from where you get the information about the company and their energy-use. Maybe some are not using renewable energy, even so please fill in the source. there are others with no information, type in: “not found“, maybe someone else will find it.

STEP 5: the real hard process will start: many companys are not transparent enough. So we can‘t understand, which energy-supplier they use. there are often no open certificates as a download to get the information we want. Sometimes it‘s a infotext about their digital infrastructure, but a real proof is missing. Sometimes they describe very clear and uploaded a certificate they got from their energy-supplier that tells us that their servers run on renewable-energy - thats ideal, but very rare. There are also cases where energy-supplier are using a energy-mix, then it‘s getting very complicated. Some are into coal and nuclear power, most of us don't like that, but for the moment it's ok, we will not capitulate at this point ;)

Our goal is to make it transparent, collect as much information as we can so that everyone can decide or judge if it‘s green enough for their personal use.

thanks for your help! #greenfediverse #fediverseforfuture