#1 - how green is the fediverse?

instances that run on renewable energy

@greenfediverse@chaos.social is an open initiative where everyone can participate in. after some days of confused brainstorming, our first project will be to create a list of nearly all fediverse instances and check if they run on renewable energy. the list can be found here:


everyone can help to work on that list. to proof that servers are using renewable energy we will try to collect as much information about the server-infrastructure as we can. we decided not to hand out certificates or any kind of badges. our main goal is to increase transparency and awareness on the issue of sustainable digital infrastructure so that the users can decide themselves whether they want to use the instance or not.

as an admin of a fediverse-instance it could be a good chance for you to be transparent with your energy-infrastructure. you could be honest with your community and freely post links with your energy-contract certificates, photos of your solar-driven server-infrastructure or describe your energy-infrastructur as clear as you can. not @greenfediverse@chaos.social decides if a server is a green one - it depends also on you as an admin to be open and transparent - you can show potential users how important a renewable-energy-infrastructure is for you. it's in our public interest! free data, open knowledge and towards a sustainable planet! 💚🌱