Read: Animorphs Book 5, The Predator

Barely a review, sorry, but I do compare Animorphs to trauma stuff #amReading

Content Warning: I talk about trauma stuff in the last two paragraphs

I started this a long time ago and totally forgot that I was reading it. Sooo a few days ago I discovered that and finished it!

And I don't have much to say about the plot. It's cool though to see Marco's perspective! He's this asshole dude but also also ok, and his main motivation is not dying because that would really hurt his dad who has been depressed since his mom died, so of course, everything escalates terribly. It's a lot of fun!

Mostly though, I noticed a thing about Animorphs stories and why they feel so good to me! The other book that I'm currently reading is very non-fiction and pretty self help, "Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving" by Pete Walker. And it's taught me both to recognize emotional flashbacks more easily, and to notice when they are over and how that feels and that there's a difference, which is.... very good to know actually.

And. Animorphs plots, to me, often feel exactly like getting out of one of those, except without the actual shitty flashback part, and instead there's a super exciting and incredibly unrealistic adventure! You get all the relief of "actually, things are more or less ok. Some things are dreadful but there is no disaster happening rn. Everything felt like it was the end of everything and also burning, but we're safe for now" without actually having to feel all that about yourself and your own life. It is the best!! I love it and I can fully recommend it!!