Read: Animorphs 8 & 9


Ok so I just read a book for the first time in… ok aktually less than I thought! But still!

I finished The Alien, and uuuh I have no idea how it started, but the ending was rly… idk it was nice, things moving along, Ax and Tobias bonding.

Theeen The Secret, which, hhhhh. I like it in some ways! I like all Animorphs books in some ways. But it has a lot of, hm. Suddenly the words "male" and "female" get used so much, which is rly annoying. Aaand, this is not new, but maybe it gets stronger? The thing where species = culture. Aaand there is some philosophical talk on what it means to be good/bad, and what nature is and how predators and prey coexist, and, not in a way that I enjoyed. But… cute skunks.

My goal is to read all 50-ish Animorphs books really fast so I can move on to queer fanfiction (I hope it exists!), because this is also getting very straight somehow.