Played: WEREWOLVES by Heather Flowers

My feelings are a minimalist mess

Many games are not books. But that shouldn't matter. Many games tell stories. A cat can sit on a game.

Contains mild spoilers.

I haven't gotten around to EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER yet because Paypal won't let me buy from unless I add a credit card and I've been too shy to ask "hey can I paypal you the money directly", but since I played GENDERWRECKED, another game where Heather Flowers was very much involved, I've been craving MORE. So when I saw that this one could be downloaded for free (I'll throw in an extra euro when I find a solution for the Meatpunks paypal debacle), well.

WEREWOLVES made me feel feelings. So I think it's a great game.

The player starts out as one human in a mass of humans. Lonely, but cozy. At the same time, I knew what I was, so when I could turn into that, I didn't waste any time. And I got lost.

I was floating in the sky and had no idea what to do. Hunt? But what? The helicopters? I tried, but it took me a long while (including me restarting the game because I thought I had done something wrong) to figure out how to really do that. I was lost and alone, hungry for helicopters and love. What was I doing? Was I monstering right? Was that even the helicopter's blood or my own? Should I bite them and wait until they turn into a monster like me so I have company, or should I hunt them down which is HARD, or…

There was a massive were loneliness happening in my heart. I wanted an AWOOO button. To stand there and cry and make others like me do the work of finding me, to find friends. I tried to use a mouse because my touchpad hurt my hand, but my computer did not like it.

Then I figured it out. And suddenly, there was another one like me. We were together. Hunting became easier and much more fun. We became more. Awooo! But it didn't take long until something came along and tried to tear us apart, destroy what we had. I was furious. My only goal became to kill what was trying to kill us. To protect us as much as to say heck no, not after all of this.

In the end, after a lot of feelings, a lot lot, my pack made it. And the game said a thing about home. And I cried a little bit.

"I just want to live in a hole with my friends and eat helicopters in peace", I tooted.

It was a good game.