Played: EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER (Season 1) by Heather Flowers

Oh gosh

I waited a long time to play EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, mainly because Paypal didn't let me buy it for a while. Then it did let me (the trick is to have credit on your Paypal account). But that was… I think many months ago? Ok no I checked and it was only two months ago. But a lot happened in that time.

EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER is a game about a bunch of queers beating up fash. It is lovely! Very pretty and very fighty, and all the characters are wonderful and communicate in a really distinctive way. Also, while the fights are kind of important for the game, it is possible to skip them! And I did that a lot, like sometimes I didn't win them at the first or second try and got frustrated and usually, I'd just have stopped playing, but here I could just skip them and that was rly good.

Anyway. I played most of it then, and uh, THEN I had the glorious idea to save the last episode for when I actually felt like it. Such a bad idea!! You know, I LOVED EVERYTHING about it. And then I just… never found the perfect moment to finish playing it. Until today, when I was dissociated as heck and thinking "uuh, why not" when looking at my options of game things.

And of course I had FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING. Like, not everything everything, but remembering all the things and getting back into the mood didn't work for me. So, another "review" where I totally don't do the thing justice! Also, I'd like to talk about how great the characters are, but I'm really not in the damn mood for that, so like just believe me, it is pretty much wonderful and like, one of the nicest story things I've ever played. Here are some thoughts from when I played most of it, but honestly, I was busy enjoying the thing and had to many feels to write much.