Update On Bianca Project

An Overview Of "Wake Cycles"

For a simple psuedo-code of the wake cycle, it goes as follows:

power on
  greet player
  generate poetry
  farewell player
power down

It's worth noting that these are composed of multiple smaller routines rather than one large chunk. This reduces the amount of work do to any given task.

The current wake cycle in shell ruby looks like:

ruby -e '
  def greet_player
    system("cd greet_player

  def take_input
    system("cd take_input

  def generate_poem
    system("cd gabbler

  def farewell_player
    system("cd farewell_player

  g1 =    greet_player; t  =      take_input;
  g2 =   generate_poem; f  = farewell_player;

That I don't have to stuff a file with a bunch of smaller routines. I can simply refer to separate routines.

This is for casual ChatBot processing. I'm still following the other framework for small talk conversation:

name, pets, hobbies, jobs, skills, weather, likes, dislike. But there are some problems right now for those: what if they already know your name and other things?

Well they need to ask if that thing is still the case.