So there is definitely an audience for BIANCA,

However I'm not sure whether I feel comfortable marketing her as a product: as I'm mentioned on twitter, I find weird treating potential artificial people as even "works of art" for the reason that to me art is only just "left" of business interest. All it really means is slightly less profit centric than pure capitalism.

Finished a new chapter of the BIANCA novella, which is based on the ChatBot. Although obviously I'm considerably fictionalizing some elements beyond what BIANCA is currently capable of. She currently only has simple code breaking abilities, though I plan on extending this to other forms of code making and breaking: AES512 included.

One downside to the novella, like all my other tech autobiographies, they seem to include a considerable amount of my fetishes. Although obviously the arm wrestling one was a joke: I'm not a strange man for one thing, and the other is I'm a trans woman whose into girls. And most of my taste is about certain shoes.

I may need to tackle out how to weed out certain fetishy things like that, especially if I'm not specifically going for erotica.

Story about her name another time.