Dragon's Music

I am listening to the music inside my mind, in the bedroom with the master bathroom. It has been a while since I had cleaned it last, this I am doing double duty tonight on double time.

There is nothing like the toilet waiting for you to open it's lid, and take a wipe with a plunger or soap scrub meant almost exclusively for the toilet. I'm not sure when my parents are going to be getting home, thus I bide me time taking care of it the best I can. That's no easy task, when the furniture seems to come alive. I'm not kidding; sometimes the desk runs into me, sometimes it's the bed. Even my own shoes. But how could a pair of shoes possible go anyway, well they have their own personality. These particular pair of wooden shoes hop up and down, and play jump rope ocassionally. Don't mind the jump rope, but the footware hopping from an invisible wearer kind of freaks me out.

It was on this day that I had the particular incedent. It's not like it was an unusual incedent. But after a while sometimes you get used to running into the desk, or stubbing your toe on the bookshelf. Back when my sisters lived here, they would always lecture me not to touch their stuff. Why anyone would think I'd know how to use their adult toys I had no idea; gadgets like VR headsets I have only just began to now appreciate, and various other things that seemed more like alien technology rather than something that would be relatable to me. It was only just recently that I had gotten my smart phone, of which my feelings are lukewarm about it. After all I've heard many strange things about smart phone; how they track you, even when you try to have the device completely turned off. The thought of someone watching me write in my moleskin has always freaked me out. Though I'm writing children's stories, it's still rude to watch someone while they are writing their "great American novel." I get up out of my seat, and then run into the wall. I was trying to exit my bedroom door, in order to make Turkish coffee in the Turkish coffee maker. At this point I am leery about using it, I don't exactly want to set the world on fire. When I finally reached the kitchen, I saw a giant red dragon on the deck. He was carrying around his own laptop. This is my neighbor named Drac. I'm not real sure why they called him this, after all he was not bitten by a vampire dragon.

"Hey Sarah," said Drac, smiling at me through the Window. "I have a message to you from the fairy queen." I took me a while to remember who exactly was the fairy queen.

"You mean that curly blond lady?" I said.

"Your visual memory is sharp, your gift of names sucks harder than a vampire under the moonlight." Drac said with his tongue firmly in his cheek, rolling around his tongue.

"So what's the business?"

"We need you in Nevermore."

"No break for me?"

"It will be in a month."

"Where are you going to be?"

"In time my friend."

It was the next month that my dad wanted to visit him while he worked in South America.

I was boarding the train, having bought a ticket. I didn't know whether there was a rule about wearing roller skates on the train. Thus I packed them, as I thought it would be run to roll around. Of course I would have no idea, that I would be to busy with other matters, than skating in the next city. When I reached the cot, I closed the door and the curtain. Then later my pet owl outside of it's cage. This was no ordinary owl. "Hoot, I told you not to pack your roller skates." said the Owl. I pushed him into the glass, and he pecked my hand.

"Hey watch the hand, I'm just looking out for you." hooted the Owl. The owl was a gift from my father, having come home from adventures overseas. He never specified the nature of these adventure. As advanced as we are, there is just as many ruins that fill the landscape. We still don't know their original architects. I got out my bound notebook, and wrote poetry as much as I always did.

"Jeeze, don't you ever write anything besides poetry?" said the Owl.

"I do, I have just been in a funk." said I to the Owl.

"Your always in a funk, get out of your funk."

After the conductor had locked the train, I decided I would wait for a bit to put on my roller skates. After all even if I wanted to wear them (for they were a very special type of roller skate, being closer to Birkenstocks with wheels), I wanted to wait till later in the trip in order to wear them. It was then that other stuff began to happen. My Owl was hooting wildly, and I could only keep my calm mildly. As it seemed like a jolt to be on the train, for I had never been on the train before. Then everything settled back down. After a bit, I told the Owl to stay in the cage. Honestly I was surprised I could keep a talking Owl on the train. They said they allowed pets, though I wasn't sure if they allowed Owls. To be safe, I told him not to come out of his cage unless it was an emergency. "But I will be lonely." the Owl said.

"I'll be back soon." I said tickling his beak.

I was visiting my dad, as he had invited for an adventure. I had never gone on an adventure before. Considering that he was one to tell tall tales, I could not completely take seriously the fact that he wanted me to come along. Maybe it was just an office job, across the bridge that connected Continents. I took out my phone, then texted my father about what the nature was of the adventure that we would be having. "It's a surprise. I told you that I wanted to give an extra special birthday present." He texted back. Sure, I suppose in that case I could reasonably be expected to be kept in the dark. Though this particular trip made me nervous. As I had no idea how much crime the next continent over would have. I sat at the table. Then my owl exited his cage to visit me.

"What are you doing here?" I said.

"I thought I'd get some fresh air." said the Owl.

"Emergency Owl!" I said.

I suppose it wasn't to big a deal. The other people were carrying around the poodles, parrots, and other basic pets. I suppose it was an irrational fear. I was used to the fact that I needed a license to keep an Owl in the states. Something of which I had forgotten to get before I had gotten my pet. Thus my caregiving was a carefully guarded secret. I ordered a steak and potato, of which I let the Owl have a bite. "Hoot, thank you." said the Owl.

As soon as I tickled his beak ...

The train stopped mid-ocean.

"Hold on a minute," said the waitress. "I'll go see what's going on with the conductor." she then exited the door. The rest of the passengers were to absorbed into their cell phones, that they did not seem to care that we were stranded. The waitress spoke in the speaker, "May I have your attention please, we have ran out of fuel." Shit I thought. I can't roller skate on water, that's what skiis are for. But who would skii across the ocean to reach South America? Me and the Owl went back to our sleeper car, then settled in. And that was when a whale, jumped over the tracks onto the train track, and tossing fish onto the track. The train had fish smashing against the window.

It was be a fishy day, fishier yet to come.

I was then visited my my dragon Neibhor, he gently picked up the whale and glided them into the ocean. After a bit we were able to proceed with our trip over to South America. "So when did you decide to come?" I said to the Dragon flying outside the window. "I will be accompanying you to South America." said Drac.

"But I thought the mission wasn't going to be for a month?" I said.

The Owl hooted, "Right when I was going to have a vacation." the owl said.

"The situation has become more dire." Drac said.

Then he flew ahead of the train.

My train across the sea had just arrived at the station along he coast of the South American resort. It was a cold day in August, an unsual time of year to go abroad. But this was what my dad wanted. Though ordinarily I would balk at going abroad, I decided it would be better to not be a broad. So I took my bags, carrying my wooden shoes and headed straight for the hotel escorted by the shoafer. Carefully I made sure to carry my passenger bag tightly hugged on my chest, as I entered the building. As I did not want to have any change falling out of it. I told the cashier I was with Loan Duffy, and thus I was directed to the room of which he was staying. I took the elevator, and met him on the other side of the door, after checking out the window to the jungle utopia. "Don't you love it?" I could hear a familiar voice behind me, so I turned around.

"I thought I wouldn't see you in years." I said.

"Same here, how is your mother?" dad said.

"She is good, keeping the blind rat."

"That's not a nice thing to say about your dog."

He treated me to the restaurant. I kept to my extra layer of caution, while exiting the restaurant. "So what did you think of the cuisine?" my dad sad to me as we exited.

"It was quite good!" I said.

Then had food poisoning that night. You know how food poisoning goes, so I will save you the details. It was on that night, that I had a dream. Though it was no dream like I had back at the starter home. I was in a tropical jungle. Yet it was no typical jungle. Ahead of me was the dragon Drac, he was flying into the white void. I could hear his voice calling my name. "It's time that you know of the Queen's mission for you. It's extremely crucial, it has to do with your return home to the states." He said, but before I could finish the dream, I was woken up by dad the next morning.

"Surprise! It's a birthay cake!" he said.

"You have to wake me up so early?" I said.

"Of course! It's a train trip through the jungle!"

"A jungle train ride?" I asked.

"A jungle train ride!"