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Why I Hate Marvel/DC And Comicsgate

Or why rightism isn't the solution to consumer rights.

By LWFlouisaFebruary 6, 2019General Blogging

21st Century Charlotte is now a script

By LWFlouisaFebruary 6, 201921st Century Charlotte

This Change Has Been A Thing For A While

Or why it's better to go it alone, then go with a web comics guild.

By LWFlouisaFebruary 6, 2019General Blogging

Starbucks And Comics

By LWFlouisaFebruary 5, 2019General Blogging

I'm Apparently Not Communicating My Issue

By LWFlouisaFebruary 2, 2019General Blogging

It's Ownership And Not Art

By LWFlouisaFebruary 1, 2019General Blogging

What else should I betray, mama?

don't mistake this for mishellenism

By acharnesJanuary 31, 2019Beloiannisz

Review Vetting, Author Bias, and leaving Amazon.

By LWFlouisaJanuary 31, 2019General Blogging

Interdimensional Politics

not intersections but dimensions

By piponsleighJanuary 31, 2019Overstimulated Exports

Our solarpunk future

Responses to the question: what does a solarpunk future look like

By Gwenfar's GardenJanuary 31, 2019Gwenfar's Garden

Moving instances on Mastodon

Step-by-step instructions on how to move from one instance to another on Mastodon

By Gwenfar's GardenJanuary 30, 2019Gwenfar's Garden

Bringing Anarchist Manufacturing into the living space by controlling waste management.

Creating manufacturing power through waste management equipement.

By piponsleighJanuary 29, 2019Overstimulated Exports