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Sag mir, wo du stehst

Zum Angriff auf das Darknet

By Alexis E. WolfApril 22, 2019Am Ende des Fadens

My Life As An Adult Teenager At A Robot Science Fare

Or a flash fiction about subverted teen wish fullfillment.

By LWFlouisaApril 22, 2019New Short Stories

Gelesen: Biskaya von SchwarzRund

Mein neues queeres Lieblingsbuch #amLesen

By catteonbookApril 19, 2019Cat on Book

Figured out a solution to emotions,

By LWFlouisaApril 13, 2019BIANCA Blog

Played: EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER (Season 1) by Heather Flowers

Oh gosh

By catteonbookApril 7, 2019Cat on Book

Read: Animorphs book 4 – The Message by K. A. Applegate

Dolphins and Disappointments #amReading

By catteonbookApril 3, 2019Cat on Book

Read: Animorphs book 3 – The Encounter by K. A. Applegate

Good emo hawk content

By catteonbookMarch 31, 2019Cat on Book

So there is definitely an audience for BIANCA,

By LWFlouisaMarch 31, 2019BIANCA Blog

Slightly Off Topic: My Feelings About 1984

By LWFlouisaMarch 29, 2019BIANCA Blog

Emotions Are Clasifications, Not Functions

Or exploring human emotion by their behaviours.

By LWFlouisaMarch 28, 2019BIANCA Blog

Read: the things i am thinking while smiling politely and Synchronicity by Sharon Dodua Otoo

Real People and Bizarre Niceness

By catteonbookMarch 25, 2019Cat on Book

Read: Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones by Torrey Peters

Nobody can make their own hormones; storebought is fine

By catteonbookMarch 21, 2019Cat on Book