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Fervently unrealistic. An avid #reader and #writer of timeless observation on the nature of societal structures. Utopian idealist interested in #philosophy


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Reflections on the possibilities to recollect a forgotten memory

Memory is fleeting, together with curiosity. Thus engaging curiosity about something seemingly ordinary is the way for recalling a forgotten idea about it.

By mareklachApril 21, 2019Iluminous Spectacle

The actors’ play beyond performance

...and why it’s rare to spot them crumble in the act

By mareklachMarch 19, 2019Musing Specimen

How to find a viable blog topic that’s not already crowded at the same time

By mareklachSeptember 14, 2018Iluminous Spectacle

How to streamline reflection

...for the aim of helping you recollect forgotten memory

By mareklachSeptember 13, 2018Iluminous Spectacle