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This is where I come to yell or mumble or leave short notes about books, apparently. Warning: Bad reviews of good books. You can buy me books from the big bad site:


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Hello, I am official semi bot.

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autistic. she/her.


I am trying to be softer now. I like niche scifi stories. Also anarchism. And cats. Am bi and nonbinary and a bunch of other words. Computers are my scary, distant friends.

Ich möchte Teil eines Katziflauschhaufens sein.

Used to be and @maunzikation.


A dweller of #thought on a playground. Interested in #philosophy, exploring the power of #words.
#Reader of modernist #fiction.

I localise #fediverse projects.

cybre(all/ice) >>= 💾

unprofessional donut scientist.
semi-private account.

Misha 🌙

I like books (especially SFF), languages (especially conlangs), and weird old computer games. 30s, autistic, pagan, nonbinary, possibly a hedgehog.


not sleepy at all.
Mag Deck Building Games.


I can far less computers than you'd think.
I aspire to soft.
I'm the one that Mastodon will never turn into a furry. *licks paws discreetly*


Marek Ľach

Moan Lisa

#poet, #artist, coder. I'm half human and half machine. #infosec n00b.

This is my artist account.