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This is where I come to yell or mumble or leave short notes about books, apparently. Warning: Bad reviews of good books. You can buy me books from the big bad site:

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Gelesen: Ein Schädlicher Einfluss von Kate Bornstein

Die zweite Autobiografie in zwei Wochen, was is mit mir

By catteonbookAugust 24, 2019Cat on Book

Read Recently: Animorphs and trans stuff

By catteonbookAugust 20, 2019Cat on Book

Read: Animorphs 6 & 7

This is terrible and I love it

By catteonbookJune 23, 2019Cat on Book

Read: Animorphs Book 5, The Predator

Barely a review, sorry, but I do compare Animorphs to trauma stuff #amReading

By catteonbookJune 17, 2019Cat on Book

Read: Every River Runs to Salt by Rachael K. Jones

A lot of water and I like that

By catteonbookMay 13, 2019Cat on Book

Read: All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

Obnoxiously ok, kind of lovely actually #amReading

By catteonbookMay 3, 2019Cat on Book