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I am a poet, short story, novellette, and novella writer. Genres in the past I've written include Time Travel, Post Apocalyptic, Cyberpunk, and GameLit. I briefly ventured into Slipstream, and now circling back into writing GameLit fiction with literary elements.

Nowadays I simply want to write, and not worry about genre.

A kind (of) writer @mareklach@mastodon.xyz

Fervently unrealistic, inept in practicality. An avid #reader, & flustered #writer with an active interest in non-academic #philosophy.

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Compte de mon blog sur Plume Tricoteur d'idées au fil des mots - Bavard professionnel pour Framasoft - Zèbre cherchant ses rayures.

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男の人とチャットをしたいです。 ここに書いてください http://badoogirls.com

Want chat with man, please, write me here - http://badoogirls.com
My nickname "Hanako91"

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Just a truck driving, podcasting, guitar playing dad that loves indie music and FOSS. I'm not a coder or a hacker. Nor do I know enough of any one thing to be an expert in. I am a Linux user that uses it daily because I believe in the philosophy and I don't have to know how to code to use it. I am your end user! Making my world go to self hosting and entering into the Fediverse.

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A dweller of #thought on a playground. Interested in #philosophy, exploring the power of #words.
#Reader of modernist #fiction.

I localise #fediverse projects.


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a nude fediverse enthusiast living in Downunder

admin of Nudie.Social fediverse services, digital privacy avocate, digital gardener, life model

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#vélotaf #vélo #gcum ça c'est sur https://becancaneries.wordpress.com/
#occitan dins sa ròba lemosina, per alhors regent dau ciberquasernet https://rapieta.wordpress.com/

#micropoésie #haiku